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                 The Bantams

  I bought a couple of BSA Bantams 4-5 years ago from a barn, and have now finally got around to doing something with them.
 One is a 1961 D1 ex-GPO bike which I'm riding myself. I haven't done anything with the paint work as yet.

As I bought it;

  And after a serious wash, doing all the mechanical work, raising and moving back the seat (I've got long legs!), fitting the 50 cal. panniers etc. It looks like this;

   It's MOT'd and I use it almost daily, I'm planing to strip it down this winter (2013) and get her looking "purdy", but am enjoying riding it so much it will be later rather than sooner!
  Another reason I haven't done much on this one is down to family reasons, my eldest son wanted to ride the other one and was nagging me to get it on the road!

 This bike was written off in 1968 and the lady I bought them from bought the GPO bike as a replacement.
   This was what I brought home;

 And after a lot more time and money than I anticipated I ended up with this;

  To cut costs I've painted and powder coated it the same red I'll be doing the GPO bike. I still have some plating to do on it, to save time I powder coated these parts with the intention of stripping them and plating them when time allows, hmmmmm one day!
  My son uses this as his daily transport to college and his general running around.
  To be able to fix these bikes up as I want I needed to make some new additions to my workshop. I made a pot sand blaster and a cabinet. I bought a DIY powder coating gun and made an oven big enough to bake the frames and wheels.
  I also bought the chemicals needed to do my own plating for copper and bright nickel.

Powder Coating Oven

Click on this link 
Powder coating oven  to see my £20 powder coating oven. I made this from scrap, t's big enough to take bike frames, wheels etc. I did all the powder coating on the bike above using it. The only parts on the bike which are painted are the two mudguards and the tank.

  This is the frame after powder coating

 And a wheel


 Remember click on the pictures for a larger image

I will be adding more details of these workshop additions in the future.